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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
7:51 am
So, um, yeah. I'm like a copywriter and stuff.

Want to expand the occasions for use (beyond b-days and Christmas). Want to talk about the range of product offerings. Want to include real product in order to garner co-op dollars (or at least tighter distribution relationship). Want to expand perceived age range for Toys R' Us toy recipients, while covering the baby/toddler segment.

A variety of media. For newspaper applications, local store list would be added. For magazine, body copy.

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Current Mood: Better late than nothing
9:28 am
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Monday, June 14th, 2004
1:39 pm
In lieu of a moderator...
Since our kind host (whomever he or she may be) is AWOL, might I suggest a contest? I'll let/force someone else suggest next week, a rotating moderator if you will.

Flipping open the WPP newsletter, I see that a gaggle of Y&R brand companies have taken a good chunk of Toys R' Us from Burnett. I haven't seen the big idea, but I'm sure we can do just as well.

Currently, the market has been divided as primary -- mothers, with children as a secondary. Although I'd suspect some damn clever ads would be niche marketing to fathers, grandparents or "non-traditional" family roles, so feel free to be your own planner as well. But let's sell Toys R' Us, not toysrus.com since amazon.com gets enough play. Currently, their competition seems to be large chain stores like Target and Walmart. The teacher in me will call you out on anything that contradicts evidence to the contrary of reality. (They aren;t the biggest toy retailer. They are cheaper on a great deal of things -- like diapers of all things. They own a number of exclusive brands people don't realize are store brands.) Feel free to expand the scope of the ads to include Babies R' Us and Kids R' Us as long as the Toys division is still covered in at least one of the ads.

When I call the shots, we're judging ideas, not execution, so feel free to be rough. But explain what you're trying to do, and please put large things behind a cut.

If you play, you do a campaign, three ads any media. Radio and TV should be accurate time, but can be script format. Guerilla should be semi-legal to do. Whatever, wherever, however. I'm assuming print will be the simplest though.

A week for roughs is a luxury. Tuesday by noon EST sounds fair to me.

If you disagree, feel free to post another contest instead. I'm just rearing to play and sick of waiting. (evil smirk)

Update: Of course, that's Tuesday, June 22. Deh on me.
Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
9:06 pm
so where's the freaking contests already??
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