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So, um, yeah. I'm like a copywriter and stuff.

Want to expand the occasions for use (beyond b-days and Christmas). Want to talk about the range of product offerings. Want to include real product in order to garner co-op dollars (or at least tighter distribution relationship). Want to expand perceived age range for Toys R' Us toy recipients, while covering the baby/toddler segment.

A variety of media. For newspaper applications, local store list would be added. For magazine, body copy.

AD 1:
(Visual of Fisher-Price Teether)
First Tooth

(Visual of the "See-Through Woman" biology kit)
First Kiss

(VIsual of chemistry set)
First Hydrophilic chemical compound chain reaction within a semi-aqeuous agar base

(Toys R' Us logo)
Every kind of toy for every kind of kid


AD 2:
(Visual of a toddler-appropriate stuffed animal with a bow around it)
Potty Trained

(Visual of Trivial Pursuit -- Kid's Edition with a bow around it)
Made Honor Role

(Visual of a PS2 and Grand Theft Auto with a bow around it)

Toys R' Us
Every kind of toy for every kind of kid


(Visual of a dress-up kit for little girls)
Wants to be a movie star

(Visual of EZ Bake Oven)
Wants to be a pastry chef

(Visual of WWE action ring)
Wants to put her brother into a full nelson and make him beg for mercy

Toys R' Us
Every kind of toy for every kind of kid
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